I was born in 1998.

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be in the movies, and I loved acting. The more I grew the more I got interested in the filmmaking industry and started studying cinema on my own at the age of 15.

I was obliged to study nothing related to art or cinema so, I studied mathematics in high school.

Meantime, I found myself enjoying photography as well, so I took that as a hobby, not knowing it could take a big role in my life.

I was accepted to the Isfahan University of Technology to continue my studies in the mathematics field.

I was never given the choice to decide for my future until one day I came home with a resignation letter from the university.

I couldn't let studying something I wasn't interested in ruin my future and career.

And ever since, I started working as an independent editor and photographer.



  • Group exhibition "The 10th Annual Exhibition of Isfahan photo club "   September 2020 - Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art

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  • Photography workshop, "Seeing" | Isfahan November 2019 - Ernest Holtzer House

  • Group exhibition, " Stable certainty" | Tehran August 2019 - Shamideh Gallery