I was born in 1998.

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by motion pictures, the way they make you feel in a certain way, the thoughts they trigger, the hidden messages in every frame...

I was accepted to the Isfahan University of Technology to continue my studies in the field of mathematics.

After two years of studying mathematics I realized my heart wasn't entirely in it.

I couldn't let studying something I wasn't interested in ruin my future and career.

And ever since, I started working as an independent designer and photographer.




Group exhibition by Loosenart

"Exhibition on Media and Signals and Connections " 

December 2021 - Rome, Italy

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Group exhibition by Isfahan Photo Club

"The 11th Annual Exhibition of Isfahan photo club " 

 September 2021 - Negaresh Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran


"Lion" Documentary


September 2020 - Isfahan, Iran

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Photography workshop by Sepehr Sajjadieh


Isfahan November 2019 - Ernest Holtzer House


Group exhibition by Blank Wall Gallery

"Street Photography " 

November to December 2021 - Athens, Greece 

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Istanbul Art Fair

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September 2021 - Istanbul, Turkey


Group Exhibition by Isfahan Photo Club

"The 10th Annual Exhibition of Isfahan photo club " 

 September 2020 - Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art


Group exhibition

" Stable certainty"

 Tehran August 2019 - Shamideh Gallery